School of Telecoms Management

Advanced Selling Techniques for Complex Digital and Enterprise Solutions

Course-DescriptionThis advanced sales curriculum course rapidly builds the key competencies that enable sales professionals and business development specialists to develop a systematic approach to selling technical, digital and ICT solutions, and excel at designing and finding solutions for customers’ complex business needs. Participants will learn practical methods to create a powerful business case that will motivate both technical and nontechnical decision-makers.

Most sales consultants have developed many systems, procedures and working methods but could benefit from a more integrated approach to the crucial skills of revenue generation including prospecting, managing client  relationships, needs analysis, closing, and objection handling.

Participants will develop a comprehensive action plan that can be successfully implemented in their business which will create and ingrain successful thinking attitudes, specific and unique to each individual, and a compelling, rewarding environment with better sales systems and referral sources, and reduced frustration and disorganisation.

The programme provides PACE enabled training to maximise both competency development and confidence with specific elements that boost Preparation, Application, Consolidation and the overall Experience / Engagement. Participants will develop and refine a sales development process customised to their role and aligned to best practice within the company and the Telecoms industry.

Outcomes and Competency Development

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Contribute, explain and apply concepts of customer-focused selling for complex technology solutions
  • Ask effective questions to better understand client needs better, and sell technical and enterprise solutions.
  • Control the sale and lead a customer to becoming a buyer using return on investment
  • Recognise the importance of speaking in plain language to customers
  • Convert customers’ motivations into product characteristics and benefits
  • Understand the motivations of the customer in order to deliver a solution-orientated product/ service
  • Utilise the importance of value adds within your proposal and demonstrations
  • Implement methods of up-selling and crossselling your product/service
  • Review what is offered by your competition and develop a comprehensive strategy to overcome this
  • Understand the importance of a sales dashboard and the need to monitor sales statistics and ratios for continued improvement

Who Should Attend

This programme has been designed to enable midlevel to senior sales staff, future managers and specialists in telecommunications and related industries to develop and implement long-term sales strategies to deliver future business value to organisations and their stakeholders.

Delegate job titles include:

  • Sales Executives and Consultants
  • Heads of Departments
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Directors
  • Pre-Sales Staff
  • Contract Negotiators
  • Sales Support Staff