School of Telecoms Management

Applied Selling Techniques for the Telecoms Professional

Course-DescriptionA practical foundational course designed to ensure rapid practical application of the learning outcomes and an immediate improvement in sales results and key performance measures. New and experienced sales professionals will demonstrate increased confidence and a much better understanding of how their competencies should be applied,  developed and improved within their business unit. It will enable participants to contribute more effectively to value creation and client retention within their own organization.

This workshop teaches the fundamentals of the selling process and can also be tailor-made to suit your specific sales training needs, if required. You will learn all the crucial sales skills you need to improve your cold calling skills, optimise your prospecting techniques, maximize your ability to get referrals, improve your ability to ask the right questions, build mutually beneficial long term sustainable sales relationships and ultimately close more sales.

The programme provides PACE enabled training to maximise both competency development and confidence with specific elements that boost Preparation, Application, Consolidation and the overall Experience / Engagement. Participants will develop and refine a sale development process customised to their role and aligned to best practice within the company and the Telecoms industry.

Outcomes and Competency Development

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • Create a flawless sales process capable of converting any deal.
  • Understand how customers buy and develop a sales process to buying decisions
  • Build a credible, accurate sales forecast your business can rely on and a “best practice” sales development plan.
  • Recognise customers’ beliefs about selling, and develop techniques to overcome these challenges
  • Create a great first impression and professional opening to a sales conversation
  • Demonstrate how to build rapport with a customer to cement a trusting relationship
  • Demonstrate how to listen effectively and to ask questions to uncover customer needs and opportunities
  • Introduce services as benefits and match them to customers’ needs
  • Acquire successful strategies for handling customer concerns and objections
  • Master effective techniques for closing the deal
  • Establish an effective sales pipeline unique to your business
  • Use win/loss data to maximise future effectiveness – with tools you can use to automate the process
  • Generate a thought-provoking after-sales process, to encourage more sales, referrals and repeat business.

Who Should Attend

This programme has been designed to enable midlevel to senior sales staff, future managers and specialists in telecommunications and related industries to develop and implement long-term sales strategies to deliver future business value to organisations and their stakeholders.

Delegate job titles include:

  • Sales Executives and Consultants
  • Heads of Departments
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Directors
  • Pre-Sales Staff
  • Contract Negotiators
  • Sales Support Staff