School of Telecoms Management

Business Analytics and Insights for CSPs

Course-DescriptionThis is a 4-day training program to develop the analytical skills needed for an effective Analytics & Insights  implementation program. Many organizations have not fully realized the power contained in their data. The effective analysis of information gained from customers and other  types of databases is a key strategic tool that managers and analysts can use to maximise performance. They have to understand how to create knowledge and insights from their databases in order to develop clear competitive advantage and better compete on Analytics. In this programme, participants will recognize the importance of business analytics and understand how to create a profitable business analytics project. Specifically, participants will acquire knowledge about predictive modeling, segmentation methods, deploying effective customers scoring and profiling models, and perform valuable customer churn programmes to limit defection. Participants will develop their analytical competencies and in particular learn how to implement an appropriate method of market segmentation – effectively analysing unstructured data with text mining. Analytical concepts, methods, tools, software and statistical techniques will enhance analysts skills, enabling them to contribute to higher profitability and economic value creation for their organization.

Ourcomes & Competency Development

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • Integrate Analytics into a broader Big Data project
  • Understand how to use Analytics for better accuracy in decision making
  • Create value using insights and knowledge gained from customers and other relevant
  • databases
  • Understand methods & processes used to implement an effective Analytics-based project
  • Perform a successful Business Analytics campaign by:
  • developing a better knowledge of the market and its structure
  • implementing an effective cross selling campaign
  • creating a valid predictive project which leads to higher profitability
  • A good understanding of the basic statistical Analytics concepts
  • Ability to use Analytic software appropriately and to maximum effect
  • Implement profitable segmentation and predictive models, based on effective analytical techniques