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Innovation Mini MBA

Download Brochure linkThis 5-Day Mini MBA programme rapidly builds the competencies that are critical to successful innovation within the modern business environment. As well as providing an excellent foundation in modern business practices, the programme is focused squarely on developing strategies, procedures and environments that maximise innovation and creativity in order to build value and develop competitive advantage. The Mini MBA programme is aimed at mid to senior managers from all industries that want to go beyond traditional business practices in order to maximise success for their organisation and for themselves. For those with open minds, it is an ideal opportunity to share ideas, learn best practice, and to build confidence; for all, it is a chance to expand critical thinking, gain confidence and build the competencies needed to succeed.

Participants will develop a comprehensive, cross functional action plan (specific and unique to each individual) that can be used to create and ingrain successful thinking, attitudes, and healthy growth mentality amongst their own team – whilst building a compelling and rewarding environment with improved systems and streamlined processes; better planning; greater organisational alignment; and reduced frustration. The interactive nature of the programme, with practical workplace application, is designed to generate immediate and positive performance improvement and value creation – whether it is in product development; increased sales / revenues; cost optimization; or productivity.

The tools ensure concepts can be immediately applied in the workplace – with quantifiable performance metrics and a measurable return on investment. As an integral part of the programme, participants are exposed to the Business Innovation Game (BIG), which is used to spark, develop and evaluate their ideas in a pressured business environment – overcoming blocks to value creation and using best practice techniques to maximise success. BIG is customisable to any Industry and business environment. The programme is delivered by a highly experienced team that have delivered many, many, Mini MBA programmes to blue chip technology companies world-wide over the last 10 years* – and therefore know what it takes for an organisation to be truly successful in the modern business world.

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • Contribute fully to developing a work environment that embraces forward-looking business practices, encourages innovative thinking, & provides a framework that can translate ideas into business success
  • Apply the principles of Innovation and innovative thinking more effectively and consistently within their own business environment – focusing their efforts on value creation & developing sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Build teams that are more commercially-aware and able to contribute in a proactive manner to the growth and success of the organization
  • Identify the key strategic issues affecting their own market – and be much better positioned to focus and develop key enablers (as well as mitigate major blocks to success) for growth  and evaluate initiatives more rigorously and with greater assurance – including the risk, financial, competitive and overall value implications
  • Skills and drive to turn ideas into business success with more confidence and with a much greater hit-rate than the competition and the ability to create, prioritize and clearly communicate innovative ideas and concepts in a way that will have an immediate and positive effect on the business – built on a systematic approach that is easily understood and consistently implemented by their teams
  • Develop clear priorities, accountabilities, allocation of resources and above all, a positive environment that will enable all team members to work to a clear action plan that delivers consistent performance improvement and value creation.

Programme Format

The programme is highly interactive and practical in nature, and is designed so that participants can maximise their competency development in terms of knowledge, skills and confidence by applying their ideas immediately within a comprehensive business simulation. Case studies are used throughout to illustrate and evaluate best practice. The programme is split into five key competency areas to ensure focus and clarity: Maximising Success; Innovation, Business Environment & Strategy; Value & Innovation – Financial Analysis; Realising the Potential of People; Getting things Done

Examples and Case Studies

Examples and Case Studies are used throughout the programme to illustrate how successful companies consistently build value, enable innovation, work with risk and execute successful strategies.

Business Simulation – a Business Innovation Game (BIG)

The unique business simulation runs throughout the programme and provides an opportunity to test and share ideas in a stimulating and pressured “work” environment. The simulation is used to develop innovative and creative thinking, and then to follow the ideas and projects through to full implementation, analysis and assessment. It is designed to identify the gaps that often block creativity and innovation within organisations, and to develop techniques and processes to overcome the barriers to success. More Innovation Training programmes from Innovation Training Academy click to learn more.