School of Advanced Communications Technologies

Connected Television

A two day course which covers the increasingly important subject of delivering television and other content over IP-based networks, whether those networks are Telco-grade IPTV systems or Over The Top (OTT), Internet-based connections. Commencing with a market snapshot and an analysis of the options, the course proceeds to investigate the formats and protocols used for TV and content delivery and also analysis the platforms and playback technologies currently deployed.

IP network architecture and aspects of Quality of Service (QoS) are presented to demonstrate how Telcos can offer Television within multi-play packages for their customers.

Finally the course considers the important topic of security and content protection, vital if content owners are to trust distribution partners and channels

Why should you attend this course?

Attend this highly regarded training programme and you will be able to:

  • Fully understand the options available for IPTV and Web TV and the market trends of these technologies.
  • Evaluate the format options, coding mechanisms and protocols that could be deployed in an IP-based Television system.
  • Develop a migration strategy for a telecoms operator to offer converged services including television.
  • Understand the impacts of network performance on the Quality of Service (QoS) and the Quality of Experience (QoE).
  • Decide with confidence on the best content format and player technology for a specific service profile.

Course Summary:

  • Introduction to Connected Television
  • The Content
  • TV Delivery Protocol Stack
  • Access & Core Networks
  • Internet Engineering & QoS
  • Key Delivery Methods
  • Content Protection & Security