School of Advanced Communications Technologies

Core Network Engineers Certification Bootcamp

Course-DescriptionThis programme is ideal for those engineers and technical managers focusing on the core network that need a deep understanding of the current core telecommunications network and a clear technical vision of the IP-based multi-media core network being specified and developed by the Industry.  It is suitable for technical professionals working for large or small operators, or for those working with vendors developing technology. It focuses squarely on the issues affecting professionals working with the core network and those in related job roles, and delivers the knowledge and competencies needed to be as effective as possible.

The programme steps through a range of topics that enable individuals to better evaluate, plan, innovate, and de-risk both technology choices and operations – and ensure their organisation can build value as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The programme reviews current technology in order to set the context for in-depth discussion and evaluation of the emerging core network technologies, and implementation options. The topics then include major issues affecting operators, including optimising the IP-based architecture, meeting increasing capacity requirements, IP-based signalling and control, policy control, security, quality of service (QoS) implementation, the integration of femtocells and WiFi into a single core network, service delivery and the IMS, third-party services, roaming, interconnection, and vendor selection.

Participants will finish the programme much better equipped to excel in their roles, and will gain the confidence to deliver the technology foundation on which the business can be developed.

At the end of this programme participants will develop or be able to:

  • Contribute much more effectively to decisions and discussions centred around core network technology and technical implementation
  • Fully understand the requirements and likely technology scenarios of future IP-based Core Networks, including the integration of different access solutions into a common core
  • Evaluate more rigorously the implementation options for  emerging Core Network architectures and solutions
  • Plan technology solutions that will fully meet the needs of their organisation in the short, medium and long term.
  • Develop solutions in a more structured and informed manner, helping to de-risk investment choices whilst delivering technical solutions that can underpin future business development
  • A solid foundation of knowledge and competencies, enabling innovative thinking and the confidence to develop and implement ideas
  • Make decisions on technology implementation and procurement that are commercially viable, minimise risk, and in line with the strategy of the organization