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Customer-Centric Pricing Strategies for Telcos

Course-Description“Customer-centric pricing requires the simultaneous and continuous assessment of product attributes, customer perceptions, and the circumstances of time and place by listening to customers’ actions.  It is a means of assuring that the companies assess the value they create for customers and extract that value from the marketplace.”

This course is designed to enable delegates to design and implement an effective pricing strategy that focuses on customer value and to optimize revenues and profitability over the long term.

Changing technology, usage and demand patterns mean that fixed and mobile telecommunications companies need to re-orientate pricing paradigms to ensure value is delivered to customers and that customers pay for what they value. The accelerating shift from voice/message based usage to data and “Over The Top” services that by-pass traditional telco business models mean that new pricing models need to be developed centred on customer value. At the same time, operators are being asked to make large investments in higher speed infrastructures such as fibre and 4th and even 5th generation mobile networks. Without a pricing model that captures the value of those networks, it will be had to justify the investment.

This course helps delegates to establish a pricing strategy that is based on true value to consumers of telecoms services in their broadest sense. The course uses cases studies and benchmarks from the telecoms sector along with examples from other leading sectors that make the maximum use of pricing, to demonstrate best practice.

Why should you attend this course?

Participants will develop competencies and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Introduction: the impact of changing customer value perceptions on the long-term viability of telecoms organizations
  • Key Pricing Tools: Pricing managers need key skills to understand customers and develop pricing strategies to position products in their own portfolio and against the competition
  • Pricing and the Customer: Price is one of the key customer touch points – a medium through which the customer experiences, and develops a perception of, the company and its products. That key customer touch point needs careful and deliberate management
  • Customer Value Management: Products and customers have lifecycles and the role of pricing changes over time. Again, this requires careful and deliberate management

Course Summary

  • Market trends andtheir implications for Pricing
  • The Pricing Manager’s Toolbox
  • Competetive Analysis
  • Pricing inthe Marketing Mix
  • Pricing “Touch points”
  • Pricing Tactics
  • The Product Life Cycle
  • Customer Lifetime Value/Profitability

Who Should Attend this Course?

This course is simed at anyone looking to understand the complex nature of pricing strategies in modern Telcos. A basic understanding of telecommunications would an advantage, but is not essential