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Customer Experience Management (CEM) in Telecoms


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With mobile telecoms markets nearing or above 100% penetration and intense competition rife, managing churn and building life-long loyalty is not a “nice to have” strategy any more, it is a matter of survival. Most of today’s so-called ‘loyalty programs’ do very little to sustain or enhance customer passion for telco brands over the long term, and telcos are losing the brand race to other high-tech and lifestyle brands such as Google, Amazon and Apple.

The telecoms market is rapidly becoming even more complex, with new communication-centric services available every day from a wide variety of providers both within and outside telecoms, increasing the risk of churn still further. With your control over your customer relationships now under threat from all sides, now is the time for you to begin developing customers as true assets to your company.

This 2 day programme examines the latest techniques for advanced customer engagement in the broader communications sector and develops advanced customer lifecycle knowledge and multi-dimensional communications skills. We use current global best practice examples of customer engagement in telecoms in this highly interactive and participative programme

Why should you attend this course?

The course is designed to give the delegate a clear understanding of the following topics:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of telecoms providers’ current approaches to churn management
  • Describe the difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and identify the key drivers for life-long loyalty among telecoms customers in different consumer and business segments
  • Assess customer lifetime value and customer lifetime profitability in different customer segments
  • Outline the key components of customer lifecycles, customer buying cycles, customer journeys, customer touchpoints and customer experience management
  • Define key customer touchpoints and carry out customer journey mapping for specific segments of customers
  • Describe the relationship between customer relationship management systems and total customer experience management
  • Design holistic and relevant customer experience management programs that address the life-long loyalty drivers of two specific customer segments
  • Assess the organisational implications of holistic customer experience management programmes and identify enablers and roadblocks to effective customer experience management implementation
  • Identify key performance indicators for customer experience management implementation across the organisation
  • Become more confident in their contribution to the customer-centricity debate at senior level
  • Work with telecoms professionals from different backgrounds to enhance their knowledge of customer experience management practices in different organisational functions
  • Articulate and communicate complex ideas to different audiences.

Course Contents

  • Can CSPs earn Their Customers’ Love
  • Mapping the Customer Experience
  • CEM Implementation & Measurement