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Customer Focus in Telecoms – Advanced Business Diploma (5-Day Mini MBA)

This five-day University Accredited, and interactive programme is designed for managers who need to develop a thorough understanding of the customer in the wider context of the communications industry. It uses case studies and best practice examples throughout and provides tools to help organisations and their partners to assess where, when and how to become
more customer-centric, and to use customer focus as the basis for improving overall organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

This intensive, five-day programme focuses squarely on the customer and covers:

  1. Current and future telecoms business environment and market trends
  2. Addressing customers’ satisfaction and loyalty drivers by putting customers at the forefront of all organisational activities
  3. Practical strategies to develop from a product focused to a customer-centric organisation

Outcomes and Competency Development

  • Critically appraise customer-centric initiatives – assessing their value to the customer and to communications organisations, as well as their commercial viability, risk and competitive sustainability’
  • Evaluate the impact of telecoms and digital media trends on customers’ expectations and assess the consequences for service provider positioning
  • Identify new ways to define ‘markets’ and ‘customers’ that improve value to customers and service providers and increase competitive advantage’
  • Assess the likely implications of these trends on behaviour of customers during lifecycles and decision-making
  • Identify clear links between customers’ value, satisfaction and loyalty drivers and assess the implications for organisational focus and strategic positioning
  • Apply advanced segmentation concepts to achieve competitive advantage on customers’ terms and increase organisational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Design holistic customer-centric solutions for different customer segments that maximise organisational efficiency and effectiveness and boost ROI
  • Identify opportunities to create value for customers by working with third parties, including competitors and OTT providers
  • Discuss with confidence the strategic role of telecoms companies and partner organisations in delivering customer-centric solutions, and more confidently contribution to strategic debate at senior level
  • Make customer-focused decisions that build value for the organisation in a way that is innovative and commercially grounded
  • Apply a broader knowledge of global communications trends and best practice to their own circumstances
  • Holistically identify, assess, and quantify the areas where customer centricity can benefit their own organisations
  • Communicate complex ideas to different audiences

Course Summary

The course programme will cover three main topics all linked together through a specially created case study:

  1. Current and Future Telecoms Business Environment and Market Trends – Comprehensive sessions that provide an overview of the state of the telecoms industry today, demystify emerging telecoms services and applications, and explaining the role of different technologies within future fixed, mobile and converged environments.
  2. Understanding Telecoms Customers – These modules look at developing a deep understanding of customers’ behaviour, requirements and value drivers and how these are likely to change as new technologies, applications and solutions come to market.
  3. Developing/Implementing Customer-focused Solutions – Essential sessions covering advanced techniques available to improve customer-centricity, efficiency and effectiveness across the whole enterprise.

Who Should Attend?

This programme is designed for managers who need a thorough grounding in the wider context and direction of the telecoms industry and are responsible for customer-facing functions. It examines the relevant techniques and skills required to implement effective telecoms customer programmes, or projects within the modern telecommunications sector that include a significant customer-facing element. It has been developed for those whose time is limited and who work in critical roles or situations where a lengthy period away for study is not possible. The target audience includes:

  • Network Operations
  • Product Design and Management
  • Customer Communications
  • Pricing Specialists
  • Customer Management
  • PR
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Customer Engagement
  • Loyalty/Retention Team
  • Business Support and IT Specialists
  • Sales and Channel Management

Enhance your career with a formally recognised University Qualification.

The Advanced Business Diploma Series, including the Customer Focus – Advanced Business Diploma is undergoing accreditation by the University of Derby Corporate. Successful completion of this programme will not only enable you to join the 4,000 executives worldwide who have benefited from an Advanced Telecoms Management Series, but you’ll also be awarded credit points towards a recognised University qualification.

Combine these credit points with those gained by completing another Advanced Business Diploma Programme along with a work based project, using the Competency Development Journal, and you will be awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Telecoms Management.

What qualifications are on offer?

The successful completion of Telecoms Academy’s Advanced Business Diploma Series programmes enables you to have the opportunity to study for two levels of qualifications (level 7):

  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Telecoms Management –successfully completing any two programmes and associated assessments along with a work based project

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