School of Telecoms Management

Foundation in Marketing for Telecoms Professionals

Course-DescriptionThis course provides a comprehensive introduction to the marketing of telecoms and related products and services.

The telecoms industry is facing huge challenges in designing solutions that customers want, in positioning customer propositions as more than just a utility, and in developing a clear brand and competitive proposition that contribute value to telecoms organisations alongside alternative or complementary communications providers.

Many people who are new to a telecoms marketing function, whether from a technical or engineering background, or from a marketing position in a non-communications industry, find these challenges difficult to grasp. Using concrete examples and hands-on activities, you will explore the unique characteristics of marketing to both consumer and business customers within telecoms and acquire essential skills enabling you to address the specific requirements of your marketing role.

Attend this course and you will be able to:

  • Identify how the marketing function contributes to achieving corporate objectives
  • List the elements of the marketing plan and set out short- and long-term marketing objectives
  • Evaluate the factors that contribute to customers’ behaviour in relation to telecoms products and services
  • Carry out a detailed analysis of the telecoms macro- and micro-environment using a variety of analytical frameworks and tools
  • Understand the competitive environment in telecoms and evaluate alternative competitive stances
  • List some tangible and intangible elements of telecoms solutions and their relevance to different customers and segments at different points in the product and customer lifecycle
  • Suggest how a telecoms organisation can manage a diverse portfolio of products and services
  • State the elements of a brand and identify how these may contribute to a long-term value proposition for a telecoms organisation
  • List available pricing approaches and identify how they may impact customers’ acceptance of telecoms solutions
  • Assess the effectiveness of different channels to market for telecoms solutions
  • Evaluate the contribution of above-the-line and below-the-line promotional tools to the success of the telecoms solution
  • State the components of a marketing budget and budgetary control mechanisms
  • Suggest how marketing can be measured in the short- and long-term

Course Summary

  • Marketing strategy & planning in telecoms
  • Understanding telecoms customers
  • Teleocms marketing mynamics
  • The marketing mix: designing & pricing telecoms solutions
  • The marketing mix: distributing telecoms solutions
  • Measuring the telecoms marketing plan

Who should attend this course?


This course is designed for people who work in a marketing function in a telecoms organisation or related business, but have little or no prior knowledge of marketing within the telecoms environment