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GSM Air Interface


From basic radio principles to detailed signalling sequences, this course explains the mechanisms behind the GSM radio interface.  The GSM air interface is described here, first in general terms, examining the ‘channels’ used by the mobile and the network to establish communications, then with increasing detail, the procedures and messages exchanged between the peer layers of the GSM protocol stack.

Why should you attend this course?

Delegates who attend this 2-day technical programme will be able to:

  • Identify which part of the radio spectrum GSM operates in and explain what is meant by the term Radio Channel
  • Describe the Logical Channels and how they are mapped onto Physical Channels
  • List the basic requirements for a GSM mobile at Idle Mode and show how it may ‘sleep’ for periods of time whilst in Idle Mode
  • Explain the process of measurement taking and reporting that the mobile is required to carry out whilst in dedicated mode
  • Show how the network supports the handover procedure
  • Draw the GSM protocol stack and explain briefly the function of each sublayer
  • Show on a signalling sequence diagram the elementary procedures used by the GSM mobile

Course Summary:

  • An introduction to Radio Channels and the GSM Radio Spectrum
  • The Physical Channels and Logical Channels
  • GSM Idle Mode Procedures
  • GSM Dedicated Mode Procedures
  • Introduction to the GSM Protocol Stack
  • GSM Layer 2 (LAPDm)
  • GSM Layer 3
  • Layer 3 Example Signalling Sequences

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Who Should Attend this Course?

This course is intended for technical staff looking to develop a thorough understanding of GSM Air Interface, you should have an understanding of mobile radio networks and basic telecommunications procedures.

In-house Options

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