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GSM/GPRS Infrastructure & Operation

Over the four days this course will give you a thorough understanding of the Architecture, Protocols and Operation of the GSM and GPRS networks, this course explains the concepts and implementation of the network in detail. The programme explores the technology in a logical format, including the Radio Access Network, Core Network, and the required underlying systems. The protocols are examined in depth and signalling flows are used where necessary to illustrate the operation.

Each training session is thoroughly reviewed to help understanding, and with the aid of the trainer, delegates are asked to complete a network map showing how the interfaces, protocols, and each part of the architecture fit together the in overall system.

Why should you attend this course?

Delegates who attend this 4-day technical programme will be able to:

  • Create a diagram of the GSM System Architecture describing the role and operation of each element
  • Describe the structure and features of the GSM Air Interface, explain the physical and logical channels and describe how logical channels are mapped to physical channels
  • Follow and describe the basic GSM procedures, including handovers and location updates, mobility management, connection management and security functions
  • List the GPRS protocols and their role in the system
  • Describe the structure and main features of the GPRS radio interface and understand basic GPRS procedures
  • Gain a thorough understanding of potential GPRS services including devices, QoS, network rollout, billing and service concepts
  • Explain the main issues regarding interworking with external networks
  • Follow the core network signalling procedures for simple service control and mobility scenarios in a GSM network

Course Summary:

  • GSM Introduction and Network Architecture
  • An introduction to Radio Channels and the GSM Radio Spectrum
  • GSM Air Interface
  • GSM Procedures, Features and Services
  • Introduction to the GSM Protocol Stack
  • GSM Layer 2 (LAPDm)
  • GSM Layer 3
  • Layer 3 Example Signalling Sequences
  • Evolving Mobile Technology
  • GPRS Protocols
  • GPRS Air Interface
  • Internet Protocol (IP) and GPRS
  • SS7in Mobile Networks
  • Third Generation

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Who Should Attend this Course?

This intensive technical training programme is designed for those looking to gain a thorough understanding of the infrastructure and operation of a GSM/GPRS network, you should have a basic understanding of telecommunications, although this is not essential.

In-house Options

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