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HSPA+: A Technical Overview

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The delegate attending this course will gain an in depth appreciation of the architecture and operation of the HSPA+ system and the evolution of the 3GPP specifications to HSPA+. As an introduction, the business of HSPA and the evolution of mobile broadband are examined, and comparisons are made with other radio technologies. The architecture of the R6 HSPA network is explained and the functions of network nodes and interfaces discussed. The 3GPP study in Release 7 is introduced and the various HSPA+ enhancements, such as MIMO, 64QAM, CPC, described in some detail.Issues such as backhaul congestion are also examined. The radio interface is based on high order modulation schemes and supports advanced features such as MIMO and interference management.These concepts are explained, as well as other radio related topics such as the expansion of spectrum allocations. The HSPA+ protocol stack and HSPA+ procedures are also covered in depth.

Why should you attend this course?

At the end of the course, the delegate will be able to:

  • Explain the role of HSPA+ in the future of mobile broadband
  • Explain the differences between the competing broadband standards
  • Draw the HSPA+ network architecture
  • Describe the function of each HSPA & HSPA+ node
  • Explain the functions of the main interfaces of the HSPA+ network
  • Show how HSPA+ may inter-work with other networks
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the HSPA+ radio interface
  • List the logical, transport and physical channels used on the HSPA+ radio interface
  • Explain the basic operation of MIMO and describe its advantages
  • Describe the functions of each layer of the HSPA+ protocol stack
  • Describe the procedures for network entry and location management
  • Show how data bearers are setup and QoS is managed in the HSPA+ system

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to HSPA+
  • HSPA+ Downlink Architecture
  • Downlink MAC Functions
  • HSPA+ Downlink Channels
  • Downlink Radio Resource Management
  • Downlink UE Capability
  • Future DL Enhancements
  • Uplink Overview
  • Uplink MAC Functions
  • HSPA+ Downlink Channels

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