School of Advanced Communications Technologies

LTE End to End Signalling

Course-DescriptionThe protocols and signalling used throughout the LTE network are explained in this detailed 2 day programme. Each interface and its protocols are described including the overall functions of each protocol layer, the messages and procedures for a common events such as registration, mobility and bearer management. The Interfaces explained include, S1_MME, S1_U, S11, S5, S6, Gx and the SIP connection between the UE and the IMS.

In examining each interface the messages and procedures are presented with an information-element level description of the most frequently used signalling messages. Each of the appropriate 3GPP standards will be studied (and if available, comparisons can be made with log files from the network) to fully understand the capabilities of the interface in creating, managing and releasing connections.

Course Contents

LTE Standards and Protocols

  • LTE Standards Overview
  • Network Elements and Interfaces
  • LTE Identities and Areas

LTE Radio Interface Signalling

  • PHY Signalling
  • MAC Protocol Structure
  • RLC Frame Structure and Headers
  • PDCP Protocol
  • RRC Protocol

S1_MME (S1AP) Interfaces and Signalling

  • S1 Interface Functional Overview
  • S1 Protocol Stack
  • SCTP Protocol
  • SCTP Messages and Procedures
  • S1AP Protocol
  • S1AP Messages
  • S1AP Message Elements and Coding
  • S1AP Procedures

S1_MME (NAS) Protocols

  • EMM and ESM Functions
  • EMM and ESM Messages
  • EMM and ESM Message Elements and Coding
  • EMM Procedures and Signalling

X2 Interface and Signalling

  • X2 Functional Overview
  • X2 Protocol, Control and User Plane
  • X2AP Protocol Stack
  • X2AP Messages
  • X2AP Message Elements and Coding
  • X2AP Procedures

S11/S1_U Interface and Signalling

  • S11 and S1_U Functional Overview
  • S11 GTP_C Protocol
  • S11 GTP_C Messages and Coding
  • S11 GTP_C Procedures
  • S1_U GTP Procedures

S5 Interface and Signalling

  • S5 Functional Overview
  • S5 GTP_C, GTP_U Protocol
  • S5 GTP Procedures and Signalling