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LTE For Commercial Professionals

Course-DescriptionThis programme focuses on the main requirements for broadband wireless networks and how LTE / LTE Advanced proposes to meet those requirements. The business of LTE and the evolution of mobile broadband are examined, and comparisons are made with alternative and complimentary technologies, including HSPA and WiFi.

The technology itself is explained at an overview level, concentrating on the capabilities and its role in modern telecommunications. LTE network architecture (SAE) and the functions of each of the network elements are discussed, with a clear focus on service delivery and the systems that support it within the wider LTE infrastructure.

Overall, participants gain a good appreciation of the drivers behind the adoption of LTE technology, including the main capabilities, limitations, and usage cases of the technology – as well as the architecture and operation of LTE services.

Why should you attend this course?

Attend this highly interactive 2-day training programme and you will:

  • Discuss with confidence, the drivers and requirements of next generation wireless broadband networks, including changing market dynamics, and both service and technology evolution
  • Explain the role of LTE in the future of mobile broadband
  • Develop a foundation on which to build a deeper understanding of the value and commercial opportunities that LTE delivers
  • Draw a simple schematic of the LTE network architecture, and describe the function of each LTE network element
  • Highlight the main features that allow LTE to inter-work with other networks / technologies, and discuss the opportunities and benefits this brings
  • Explain how different services are delivered and managed in the LTE system
  • List and describe the methods of supporting voice services in LTE-based networks – including why the different options exist and the major benefits of each
  • Describe how IMS may be used to support services across the LTE network

Course Summary:

  • Roadmap to 4G and Beyond
  • Context of LTE Services and Applications
  • LTE Service Architecture
  • LTE Applications and Ecosystems

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Who Should Attend this Course?

This course would benefit anyone looking for a thorough grounding in emerging LTE technologies. A good working knowledge of 2G and 3G mobile network technologies would be beneficial but not essential.

In-house Options

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