School of Advanced Communications Technologies

Marketing Digital Services

Course-DescriptionMost telecoms operators around the world are experiencing rapidly-declining voice and SMS revenues and are facing saturation in their traditional consumer business. Digital services are widely seen as key to driving growth linked to greater consumption of mobile broadband connectivity. However, very few operators globally have been able to build successful business models for the delivery of digital services that enable them to create clear competitive differentiation and deliver both revenue and profit growth for their organisations.

Marketing such services presents real challenges for many operators: redefining ‘markets’ and ‘customers’ for digital services, sourcing and managing OTT locally-relevant content, designing customer-centric digital services packages, creating entirely new pricing and bundling configurations that fit end customers’ expectations, finding new ways of distributing digital services, ensuring that customers engage with operator-delivered digital services and creating brand relevance in an entirely new environment—all while delivering profitable growth—are creating headaches for traditional telecoms marketing departments.

This interactive and hands-on programme examines the major trends and developments within the global digital services market, describes in detail the different digital services ecosystems and relative positions of the various players, explores segmentation and positioning options for different categories of digital services, and applies the advanced marketing mix to enable marketers to adapt their traditional skills to this demanding new environment.

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • Analyse the various complex digital services ecosystems at global, regional and local level and the roles and responsibilities of the various players
  • Clearly define the concepts of ‘market’ and ‘customer’ within the context of the various digital services ecosystems
  • Assess the business models applicable to digital services and identify realistic monetisation opportunities for B2C, B2B and B2B2C markets and customers
  • Identify the role of operators in the digital services ecosystems and the different categories of partnership required to deliver services to multiple segments of customers profitably
  • Assess realistic options for bringing digital services to market in the short– and medium-term
  • Identify ways in which digital services can contribute to strengthening their organisation’s strategic position in their local market(s)
  • Outline digital services solutions that are aligned with partner, business and customer requirements
  • Critically assess the initiatives of other operators in their approach to digital services development around the world
  • Gain confidence to make decisions on digital services implementation and procurement that are commercially viable, minimise risk, and in line with the strategy and goals of their wider organization
  • Contribute effectively to the digital services debate at senior management level within their organisations