School of Telecoms Management

Marketing Strategies in Telecoms

Course-DescriptionDeveloping a successful corporate and marketing strategy that enables telecoms organisations to build a long-term relationship with their customers is at the heart of long-term success in this rapidly evolving sector.

However, as the telecoms industry expands and the speed of change accelerates, customers are becoming increasingly demanding, and telcos’ strategies are often misaligned with customers’ expectations Many generic approaches do not translate well into telecoms.

This practical and hands-on course offers insights, strategies and techniques to enable telecoms executives to develop a holistic marketing strategy that focuses on meeting their customers complex and fast-changing expectations.

Real-life examples and a case study analysis are used throughout the course.

Why should you attend this course?

Complete this highly practical course and you will:

  • Describe the purpose and content of corporate and marketing strategy
  • Articulate a market-oriented corporate strategy
  • Analyse weaknesses of telecoms marketing strategies
  • Articulate a market-oriented marketing positioning statement and establish quantitative and qualitative strategic marketing objectives
  • Identify the characteristics of strategic customers
  • Deliver customer satisfaction in relation to customer expectations throughout their lifecycle using the strategic marketing mix
  • Define the strategic assets, resources and competencies required to address strategic customers and identify key marketing partnership requirements
  • Use scenario planning as a tool for miminising the risks associated with marketing strategy in telecoms

Course Summary:

  • The strategy development process
  • Developing strategic marketing objectives
  • Developing a sustainable customer strategy
  • Selecting and managing successful marketing partnerships
  • Future-proofing the marketing strategy
  • Group presentations of case study