School of Telecoms Management

Mini MBA for High Tech and Digital Businesses

MBA-High-TechChanging customer dynamics, a blurring of industry lines, and a reality check in terms of financial performance and KPIs means many digital and high-tech businesses are now undergoing re-evaluation and transformation. For those businesses that are driven by innovation, the volatile economic environment and the dawn of the second digital revolution has left them open to disruption and uncertainty, but it has also brought new opportunities and a chance to embrace change in order to thrive and prosper.

The task of building profitable and sustainable businesses in this environment falls to talented individuals and teams that understand and can effectively evaluate their own markets and their organisation’s place within it; who react positively to change and embrace innovation; that can develop competitive advantage, strategy and business models with clarity and purpose; and can execute that strategy whilst aligning their processes, platforms, teams, individuals, performance and KPIs.

This programme has been designed to provide a solid foundation for executives and mid-senior managers to operate and do business in cutting-edge organisations. It covers a range of competency areas that are critical to the success of modern and forward-looking management teams. We aim to highlight, organise, & assess the brightest ideas in order to develop clarity – ensuring that best practice can be applied effectively, wherever possible, to the participant’s own organisation. We build on existing ideas and knowledge in a highly interactive and engaging learning environment – where ideas are presented, shared, analysed and developed holistically in order to gain a comprehensive and detailed view of the changing business environment, and the success factors that define it.

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • Contribute fully to developing a work environment that embraces forward-looking business practices, encourages innovative thinking, & provides a framework that can translate ideas into business success
  • Evaluate new business models and develop sources of both sustainable and transient competitive advantage in order to maximise profit and return on investment
  • Evaluate and critically appraise your organisation’s position in the market and the potential of future growth strategies
  • Contribute much more actively to strategic debate at senior level
  • Identify and develop strategic business opportunities within the new digital economy – leveraging changes to society, smart living, the connected workplace, smart cities, the internet of things, connected verticals, and big data – as well as aligning with emerging concerns on security and privacy, and the rapidly changing nature of our customers
  • Practically apply and implement best practice within your own business
  • Effectively communicate complex ideas to ensure consistency throughout the organisation
  • Build teams that are more commercially-aware and able to contribute in a proactive manner to the growth and success of the organization.
  • Develop solutions more holistically – making decisions that are commercially viable, minimise risk, and in line with the strategy and goals of the wider organization.

The Benefits to the Organisation Include:

  • A comprehensive and coherent programme that develops key competencies across a range of disciplines that are critical to the success of businesses who are driven by innovation and vulnerable to disruption
  • Strengthens the foundation on which to develop more robust and successful strategies, backed by the right business and operating models
  • Enables individuals and teams to recognise and develop best-practice across the organisation – and have the confidence to share; and to make business decisions that are focused, balanced, and fully grounded in business reality
  • For in-house programmes, this is the catalyst to develop clarity and unity throughout the organisation and within the functional teams