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Mobile Network Security

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This 2 day program provides a grounding for telecoms professionals wishing to review the resilience of modern mobile networks around the world.

The structure of modern mobile radio and core networks are described and possible types of attacks  discussed. Attendees are assisted to develop a register of possible threats and responses for each area of the course; this could easily be used as the  basis for possible test plans.

The course is very interactive with much opportunity to discuss aspects and concerns with the expert facilitator.

Who should attend?

Telecoms Professionals requiring a practical grounding in modern mobile network architectures along with the associated security risks and responses.

Outcomes & Competency development

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • Identify risks associated with mobile network infrastructure and systems
  • Describe likely and possible attack pathways and types for mobile networks
  • Discuss best practice for mitigating and testing mobile network weaknesses
  • Plan an effective test plan for a modern 2G/3G & 4G network.
  • Discuss the relative magnitude of threats on the various parts of the network
  • Confidently discuss the relative security merits and weaknesses of the various network generations. (2G, 3G, 4G & Wifi)
  • Confidently discuss CN and RAN architectures with target network professionals.
  • Evaluate the significance and impact of threats to SS7, IP SIGTRAN, Databases, routers and  transmission elements.
  • Describe security aspects of Femto-Cell infrastructure.
  • Understand the  threat and functions of IMSI catchers.
  • Discuss the 4G key hierarchy and key derivation.
  • Describe the likely presence of MiM, Flood and Individual DoS, Spoofing, Location leakage and traffic injection within mobile networks