School of Telecoms Management

Positioning for the Digital Age – a Mini MBA: From Telco to CSP – transforming the business

PDADriven by changing industry dynamics and a reality check in terms of financial performance and KPIs, all major telcos are now undergoing transformation. In order to survive and to remain profitable (and to take advantage of opportunities such as Digital Services, the Internet of Things, Unified Communications and Virtualisation), the transformation from Telco to full Communications Service Provider (CSP) is not optional.

This Executive Workshop develops best practice ideas on the transformed telco – and in particular examines what needs to be done in terms of the business models, the customer proposition, partnerships, technology and business enablers, people, and culture in order to maximise future performance and become an effective Communications Service Provider.

We build on existing ideas and knowledge in a highly interactive and engaging learning environment, where ideas are presented, shared, analysed and developed holistically in order to gain a comprehensive and detailed view of our changing business.

We aim to highlight and organise the ideas in order to develop clarity – ensuring the ideas and best practice can be applied effectively to the participant’s own organisation.

Comprehensive Case Studies, Simulation and Exercises:

In order to apply the learning and test ideas immediately, we use comprehensive case studies, a business simulation that runs throughout the programme, culminating in a final presentation / best practice session, and a series of exercises to consolidate.

Why attend the Positioning for the Digital Age?

  • Equip yourself with strategies to transform your business processes and develop innovative new business models
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the state of the industry
  • Learn what it means for a telco business to become a true full communications service provider (csp)
  • Understand what technology and network changes can enable service transformation
  • Explore the role of innovative thinking in delivering transformed customer propositions
  • Develop, communicate and implement best practice across the business to ensure effective transformation
  • Benefit from revealing case studies, simulations and exercises throughout the programme

Outcomes and Competency Development

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • A solid foundation on which to develop the business.
  • Contribute much more effectively to strategic direction-setting within their own organisation.
  • Recognise and develop best-practice across the organisation – and have the confidence to share and replicate
  • Confidence to initiate, guide and direct “telco” transformation.
  • Make business decisions that are focused, balanced, and fully grounded in business reality.
  • Develop an innovative environment that embraces opportunities, creative thinking, and implementation effectiveness in order to maximise value creation
  • Evaluate new initiatives holistically – with full regard for the customer proposition, competitive environment, support requirements, and costs.
  • Evaluate new technologies and supporting / enabling systems with clarity – identifying key requirements in terms of capabilities, limitations, performance and features
  • Make decisions on transformation initiatives / supporting systems and technologies that are commercially viable, minimise risk, and in line with the strategy and goals of the wider organization.

The Benefits to the Organisation Include:

  • Enables individuals and teams to recognise and develop best-practice across the organisation -  and have the confidence to share; and to make business decisions that are focused, balanced, and fully grounded in business reality.
  • A comprehensive and coherent programme detailing and exploring the requirements and implementation of Digital Leadership initiatives – setting out (with clarity) the impact of the new digital landscape on the business.
  • Delivered by Informa Telecoms Academy – with extensive experience of training tier 1 and 2 operators and vendors worldwide, and with insights from the Informa and Ovum analysts
  • Develops clarity and unity throughout the organisation and within functional teams – and allows much better alignment of KPIs, performance and focus with overall strategy
  • Strengthens the foundation on which to develop a more innovative environment that fully embraces the emerging opportunities to found within developments such as IoT, M2M, Smart Cities, Industry Verticals, and Enterprise
  • Develops Critical Analysis and Evaluation skills – enabling more robust decision making

Course Contents:

  • Industry Trends and Outlook
  • Measuring and Benchmarking Success
  • Optimising the Current Business
  • Strategies for Digital Leadership
  • Redefining the Customer Proposition – the Key to Future Success
  • Business Disruption and Realignment
  • Innovation in Telecoms
  • Transforming Thinking & Monetising Creativity
  • Structure, Platforms and Processes
  • Supporting the Digital Age – Technology Transformation
  • Identifying and Developing Best Practice
  • Case Study Finale: Communicating CSP Best Practice with Clarity