School of Advanced Communications Technologies

Small Cells and HetNets for LTE and LTE Advanced

Course-DescriptionAs demand for network capacity continues to grow rapidly, operators and vendors are seeking to maximise the efficiency of current network technologies such as LTE, LTE Advanced and WiFi. The small cell and Heterogeneous Network approach will become increasingly important over the next few years to achieve the efficiencies required.

This 2 day programme will guide the participant through the technologies associated with Heterogeneous Networks, including interference management (a key issue), mobility aspects including cell selection/ reselection to and from small cells and handover. The performance improvements promised by small theory and practiced will also be reviewed.

In addition the programme will discuss the relevant topics within the LTE advanced standard that will impact on the future architecture and performance of mobile broadband technologies.

Participants will develop or be able to:

  • Assess the performance and efficiency gains of Heterogeneous Network deployment
  • Contribute much more effectively to discussions relating to network requirements for Heterogeneous Network
  • Evaluate implementation options for Heterogeneous Network and small cells
  • Fully understand the technologies and changes required for Heterogeneous Network implementation
  • Determine the implications for the transition from LTE to LTE Advanced
  • Get the big picture of future network requirements and changes
  • Confidence to discuss the latest technology trends
  • Make decisions on technology implementation and procurement that are commercially viable, minimise risk, and in line with the strategy and goals of the wider organization.