School of Telecoms Management

Teams that Drive Innovation in Telecoms

This intensive executive leadership course aims to equip participants with the knowledge of the practices and commitments of effective leadership, how to shape organizational excellence and how to gain personal mastery. It is vital to be well-equipped to optimize your company’s performance-as well as your own career-with executive leadership training. The advanced training program combines proven-in-action techniques with peer interaction and insights to help you master the competencies of effective executive leadership  and will also assist managers who lead a dispersed group, whether spread out over a wide area or simply in separate sites and will also enhance cultural awareness, improve communication and provide resources  for supporting workplace diversity and managing virtual teams across countries.

During the training participants will develop and refine a Leadership Development Plan customised to their role and aligned to best practice within the company and the Telecoms  Industry including:

  • Exploring the fundamental concepts of executive leadership
  • Building an executive leadership style that creates trust, sets a clear vision and guides your entire team toward greater performance and profit
  • Creating a cohesive unit that performs well in all situations and learning how to be a change master who encourages innovative thought and behavior
  • Gaining insights into the key executive leadership  and techniques you need to create and implement a winning strategy
  • Learn what real “coaching” consists of and how to build an extraordinary team that works together to deliver results

The programme will help you …

  • Develop and implement a common vision, values and rules of engagement for your team
  • Link roles, job descriptions and KPI’s to project management
  • Creating powerful systems and documentation for rapid induction of new hires and consistent delivery standards for existing team members
  • Build responsibility and self reliance, support risk taking and encourage self direction and communication
  • Gain tools and techniques to support individuals and organizations to embrace diversity
  • Create a system for encouraging open communication and conflict resolution amongst team members
  • Better manage and motivate Teams and harness the power of cross disciplinarily project teams
  • Manage Knowledge and Change with a Knowledge Radar system
  • Use behavioural style assessments and communication analysis to manage and motivate individual team members
  • Create a system for career path planning, recognition, communication and motivation.

Course summary

  • Day 1 – Building the Team
  • Day 2 – Leadership and Influence in Action
  • Day 3 – Combinational Performance Exercise