School of Advanced Communications Technologies

The Telecoms Operator in 2017 – Focus & Opportunities

Understanding the business we are in is the fundamental requirement for operators to ensure long term success in a rapidly changing customer environment and an increasingly fragmented competitive market.

Operators have focused on maximising revenues and profits from traditional telco services – voice, sms and “data” – but now need to successfully embrace the new services and capabilities that are at the heart of the wider ICT industry. Those concepts include communication and information exchange via social networking; an anticipated explosion of machine to machine applications; video – the major driver of traffic on broadband networks; and the application store. Add in wholesale; payments; advertising; cloud technology; and convergence, and the telco has a whole range of exciting new opportunities to focus on going forward.

This programme looks at the major trends and developments within the industry, highlighting what they mean for a modern telecommunications operator and their customers. We set out the role of the telco in the new business environment and highlight the key enablers for success – including the technologies and partnerships that need to be adopted.

The interactive sessions look at fundamental concepts around customer proposition / experience, partnerships, and, key enablers such as technology and platforms. Data from the Informa Telecoms Research Team is used throughout to back-up the ideas and to put concrete evidence into the equations and discussions.

We go beyond traditional telco thinking, allowing delegates to:

  • better understand the customer going forward
  • assess current and future opportunities in the emerging telco business environment
  • strengthen their position with partners and vendors through a more commercially-confident approach
  • focus on opportunities that are likely to generate a high level of ROI or competitive advantage
  • identify key platforms, technologies and features that maximise the emerging business environment

Based on Real Data and Analysis:

Discussions are based on real data from the Informa Telecoms & Media (ITM) research team – the leading provider of business intelligence to global telecoms and media markets. With 50+ analysts, researchers and journalists across 14 countries, the aim is to provide actionable, strategic advice and forecasts on all aspects of converging mobile, fixed, entertainment and IT markets. ITM Customers include major blue-chip vendors, operators, and regulators in addition to key players from the financial and content communities.

At the end of the programme, the delegate will be better able to:

  • Engage more effectively in the organisations’ future development to ensure key business initiatives are backed up with the required key enablers, including technologies, platforms, people and partnerships
  • Assess and analyse the impact of new customer-centric propositions and services on the customer and telco – including social media, video, M2M, search, app stores, payments, convergence, advertising, cloud, wholesale and partnerships
  • Identify the key initiatives and business opportunities that the telco should focus on to maximise ROI and competitive advantage
  • Contribute more effectively to their specific areas of  operation, with a greater degree of innovation and commercial acumen
  • Work more effectively with other functions within the organisation through a greater understanding of the requirements and enablers required for successful implementation of new services and business initiatives

Course Overview

  • A digital world
  • Connectivity & mobility
  • Platforms, devices & operating systems
  • Applications & Content
  • Internet & the Cloud