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LTE Network Training Courses

LTE in Public Safety Networks

This course covers the features that make LTE suitable for public safety use, and the omissions which make it less than perfect, enabling delegates to intelligently enter the debate and identify the right technology for every situation.
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07 - 08 Sep


Backhaul for HSPA and LTE Networks

Mobile network operators are providing ever-increasing data connection rates and supporting more complex and data hungry applications as they compete to maximise both revenues and profits.

In-house only

E-UTRAN: Architecture and Protocols

This 3 day course encompasses all aspects of the LTE radio interface and eUTRAN functions and protocols. A full and detailed description of the LTE radio interface is given including an introduction to OFDMA and its application in LTE.

In-house only

LTE/SAE Evolved Packet Core and VoLTE

This course describes, in detail, the architecture of the LTE/SAE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network which is an essential component of next generation mobile networks.

In-house only