School of Telecoms Management

Telecoms Mini MBA – Business Simulation

Welcome and Business Simulation Introduction

This initial session sets the tone of the week, including the overall programme objectives, timing and administration, the speakers, and what is expected. Delegates find out about each other and meet their team members. The business simulation is also introduced in detail. The scope, format and expectations are set out to ensure each team is fully aware of the requirements, and that each participant can ensure they maximize the learning opportunity throughout the modules.

“Brilliant practical concept….” SS, Swazi MTN Ltd

Team Roles and Strategy

This session gives each group a chance to establish how they will work together, and establish the framework for their exercise bid process. It also provides an initial opportunity to discuss their team strategy, market issues, technology, and user requirements.

“I very much enjoyed the team work” RP, Cosmote


This session is used to consider the financial aspects of the business simulation license bid. It should include a thorough analysis of financial priorities, financing options, and cash flow. Commercial viability is a critical part of the business simulation, and this session should be used to discuss how the team will ensure their bid meets realistic financial objectives.

“Great learning experience” VK, Vodacom

Leadership and People Issues

This module is used to consider leadership and people management issues in the context of the ongoing business simulation. The overall structure, management team, existing workforce, and new hires must be considered in the wider context of establishing a successful and motivated company workforce.

“Very good, all were encouraged to participate” BM, HiQ AS

Bid Preparation

Time is set aside for each team to develop their plans and presentation for their simulated telco operation. Although exercises will have led the teams to this point, they can now be more creative and innovative, allowing them to put their new skills and knowledge to the test – in preparation for the team license bid on day 5.

“I liked the interaction with the team. We learned a lot from the exercise” LM, Vodacom


Island Telco – Bringing it all together

Throughout the week, participants (grouped into small teams) plan to establish a simulated new telecommunications operation on a fictitious island. On day 5, time is set aside to allow each team to prepare their bid presentation. Each team is then asked to present its plans to the other teams.

“The best case study I’ve worked on” MM, Oracle

Delegate team presentations

Presentations should include:

  • Overall strategy and objectives
  • Market considerations
  • Financial aspects
  • People management
  • Positioning & Branding
  • The service proposition
  • Technology Choices
  • Content delivery
  • Network infrastructure
  • The Rollout Plan

Review session

This section is used to review the bid presentations – providing valuable feedback and a critical appraisal. It is facilitated by the programme speakers.

“This program was magnificent, the feedback was positively overwhelming!” TA, Mobily