B2B Selling of Complex Digital & ICT Services Insight Webinar (Recorded: 12th April 2016)

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Selling in a telecoms environment has long been one of the most competitive sales environments and the competition only continues to increase. It is vital that telecoms operators make the most of all marketing spend and every customer by giving sales teams the skills and confidence to professionally manage, control and close sales including complex digital and ICT products and ensure satisfied customers and repeat business.

ThisĀ 30-minute insight webinar provides a broad spectrum of the essential selling skills in a telecoms / ICT context, including the results of consumer research to give an unparalleled insight into what customers really want. From these insights we map out the skills necessary to close more sales and build repeat business through improved customer service and more effective strategic account planning.

There will be a live Q&A following the webinar.

Recorded Date: Tuesday 12th April

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B2B selling of Complex Digital & ICT services Insight Webinar

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