Telecoms Marketing – Challenges and Solutions (Recorded: 24th April 2014)

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We invite you to join us for an exclusive, one-off webinar Telecoms Marketing – Challenges and Solutions. Led by Sue Uglow, this 45-minute session is an excellent opportunity for those working in the industry to get to grips with the many challenges facing marketing in the telecoms industry.

The old way of marketing traditional telecoms services – voice, SMS and metered data – is fast becoming outmoded and is plunging telecoms service providers ever deeper into a savage fight for market share. Customers’ addiction to digital services – money, entertainment, M2M, content, OTT, cloud and enterprise vertical solutions – require new marketing approaches that go well beyond the 4Ps. Taking an holistic approach to developing the long-term value of a wide range of customers and markets is the only way for telecoms organisations to break out of the mould and optimise the return on marketing investment.

Challenges facing telecoms marketing:

  • Market saturation
  • Churn management
  • Price wars
  • Defining new ‘markets’ and ‘customers’
  • Selling new services


  • Maintaining competitive advantage in hyper-competitive markets
  • Customer value management: a 360 degree approach
  • Delivering value on your customers’ terms
  • From consumer ownership to customer enablement
  • Bringing non-voice services to market profitably

Date: Tuesday 29th April
Time: 2pm London UK Time
Time Variations: 9am New York, 3pm Paris, 3pm Cape Town, 5pm Dubai
Duration: 45 mins

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Telecoms Marketing - Challenges and Solutions Webinar

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