LTE Advanced – Current Market Status Insight Webinar (Recorded: 30th June 2016)

Recorded version now available

With the deployment of LTE well under way for many operators, the search for additional capacity still continues to meet the demand from data hungry devices and applications.  With a stable LTE layer forming the primary data layer of most networks, operators are now turning their attention to LTE Advanced as a means to drive even more capacity from their systems. 

LTE Advanced specifications contain may features to optimise and manage network capacity, the short Insight Webinar from Telecoms Academy will discuss these techniques with a focus on Carrier Aggregation, Spectrum Management and issues related to CA deployment including spectrum and device support, as well as providing a quick look into the current market status of LTE Advanced.

  • LTE evolution roadmap
  • Primary features of LTE Advanced
  • Carrier Aggregation concepts
  • Carrier Aggregation Challenges
  • LTE Advanced ,Worldwide Deployments

Recorded: Thursday 30th June – 2pm UK Times

LTE Advanced

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