Outlook for IoT Applications and Technologies (Recorded 18th May)

Watch the recording of this short Insight webinar looking at the outlook for IoT applications and the technologies to deliver them.

It is often said that IoT is the driver for 5G deployments, yet the market for IoT devices, services and applications is gaining pace well before we will see any realistic 5G systems in place.  “Smart” verticals such as cities, homes, wearables are gaining traction using pre-5G technologies that directly address the low power, short range requirement of many of these applications.

This short Insight webinar from Telecoms Academy will take a look at:

  • The current trends in the IoT markets
  • The technologies and applications currently competing for large scale adoption
  • Insight into recommendations from Ovum for the industry.

Recorded: Thursday 18th May 2017
Speaker: Dave McNally


Outlook for IoT Applications and Technologies Insight Webinar (May 17)

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