Telecoms Business Environment (Recorded 14th March, 2pm UK Time)

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Part evolution, part revolution, the telecoms, media and technology sectors are changing rapidly; industry boundaries are blurring and new business models are being developed and adopted at a rapid rate. Success in this fast-moving environment requires a deep understanding of market trends, customer trajectories and technologies – and an agile organisation in which decisions can be made quickly and with confidence.

This webinar aims to build knowledge and confidence with a hard-hitting look at the changing business environment and the impact that emerging trends and opportunities are likely to have on the telecoms and adjacent industries. During this 30 min webinar we will cover:

  • Benchmarking Success – KPIs and Financial Trends
  • Changing Role of the Operator
  • Regulation and Licensing
  • Customer Trends – Consumers and Digital Services
  • Focus of the Business – ICT, B2B, Enterprise and Industry Verticals
  • Summary of global key trends
  • Multi-play, convergence and consolidation
  • Digital Transformation
    • Digital technologies: big data, AI …
    • Future telco business models
  • IoT, Smart Verticals and Smart Cities
  • Network revolution – 5G, SDN & NFV, Cloud Techniques
  • Learning from and Partnering with the OTTs

Recorded Date: Tuesday 14th March 2016
Speaker: Tony Wakefield

Telecoms Business Environment Webinar

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