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Telecoms Marketing & Developing the Customer Proposition – Programme Details

Module 1: The Telecoms Business  Environment

Telecoms Operating Environment

  • Trends In The Fixed Market
  • Mobile Operator Core Business Trends
  • Mobile Broadband Trends

Telecoms Stakeholder Requirements

  • Shareholders’ Expectations
  • Customers’ Expectations
  • Third-Parties’ Expectations

The Customer Service Proposition

  • Spectrum and Infrastructure Provision
  • Mobile Broadband Device Provision
  • Service Provision
  • Emerging Services

Strategic Challenges for Telecoms Operators

  • Dealing with Current Issues
  • The Future of Telcos

Module 2: Marketing Telecoms & Digital Services

Telecommunication Networks

  • Introduction to Telecoms Networks
  • Industry Trends
  • Defining Convergence and Convergence Models

Convergence Issues

  • The Impact of the Internet and the Web
  • Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC)
  • Multi-Play Services
  • The Changing Role of the Regulator

Operator Case Studies

  • Multi-Play Services – The Drivers
  • Case Study 1 – The Fixed Network Operator
  • Case Study 2 – The Mobile Network Operator
  • Case Study 3 – The Cable Television Provider

Module 3:  Customer Engagement &  Branding in Telecoms

Status of Telecoms Customer Engagement

  • What is Marketing Communications?
  • The Marcoms Mix and Messages
  • Assessing Marcoms Effectiveness in Telecoms

Definition and Role of Customer Engagement

  • Defining Customer Engagement
  • When to Engage
  • The Customer Engagement Process

The Customer Engagement Toolbox

  • Branding
  • Above-the-Line Tools
  • Below-the- Line Tools

Implementing and Measuring Telecoms Customer Engagement

  • Implementing Integrated Customer Engagement in Telecoms
  • Measuring Customer Engagement in Telecoms